Help Portia get justice!
Pledged: $22280
The full reward fund of $20,000 has been given to the SPCA due to the fact no informant came forward and police have, unfortunately been unsuccessful in charging any person with killing Portia. No further donation will be accepted.

If you know who killed and tortured Portia, please make an anonymous call NOW to the Crimestoppers tip line 0800555111

PortiaHelp us find the ‘sick individual’ that dog-napped, tortured then killed poor ‘Portia’ last week (July 22-24, 2013) from a private address in Karaka, Papakura.

Not only did this ‘seriously ill person’ torture this beloved house pet by cutting off her ears and front paw they then callously dumped the skinned dead dog on the owners front lawn for them to find.

This reprehensible action has caused unspeakable shock and horror to this family with young children.

Make sure this psycho does not kill another loved pet or even a human being!

Please pledge as much as you can reasonably afford to the ‘Dead Dog Reward Fund’ so that the size of the reward is sufficiently large enough so as to ensure that even the offenders’ mother, girlfriend or best mate will be seriously tempted to turn in this dog killer to the NZ Police.

Please help catch the killer! If you have any information please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111